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SUN CONSULTING is an Accounting and Tax Consulting Office. We put at your disposal our staff of fiscal, financial and accounting experts to assist you in every step of your activity, offering you special specializations that work together. We handle your problems with a wide scope by having a single contact, an office to follow all aspects of your business.




    Business Registration
    Tax Services
    Audit of Financial Statements
    Drafting of Financial Statements

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    Ekonomist Zyre Kontabiliteti

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    Economist Accounting Office

    Economist Accounting Office

    Economist Accounting Office

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    Who are you and what services do you offer?

    OUR ECONOMIST - SUN CONSULTING is an Accounting and Consulting Office for all businesses: Small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses. Provides services 1. INITIAL BUSINESS / INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION 2. TAX/ FISCAL CONSULTANCY 3. TAX & TAX SERVICES 4. ACCOUNTING SERVICES. We offer business consultancy services by making financial and tax experts and professionals available to assist you in every step of your activity.

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    Why do I need an economist for my small business?

    The service of an economist for your business and tax declarations is a necessity to avoid tax penalties, fines or the unexpected interruption of your activity by the Taxes. It is convenient for you so that you can concentrate on your activity, while the economist informs you and makes the tax declarations. Security and peace of mind that your relationship with the State and Taxes is managed by the Economist who informs you about the rights and obligations of your subject.

    Why do I need an Accounting Office for my business?

    Consulting services for business and tax declarations are a necessity for business to avoid tax penalties and benefit from the rights that your business enjoys. It is also a convenience so that small business owners can focus on their activity, being sure that the relationship with the State and Taxes is secure both for the rights and the obligations enjoyed by the Entity.

    How to be informed about the services?

    To be informed about the services performed by the studio, you should refer to the block of services in the main menu or directly to the auxiliary menu of the categories. The services are divided according to the groups which are addressed to: 1 - Businesses, 2 - Professionals or persons registered as B. Vogel and 3 - Individuals. To determine the type of service, you must refer to the relevant subcategory.

    How can you contact us?

    If you want to contact the studio, you can use the contact module directly on the page by going to the CONTACT menu. In this case you must fill in the box for your name, your e-mail address as well as the message or questions you may have. Within a short period of time you will be contacted by the studio to answer your questions or problem. This module can also be used to book an appointment.

    Why choose Sun Consulting?

    The fact that we have a specialized team of economists with deep knowledge of the tax system and tax laws gives us the opportunity to provide quality and transparent services to our clients. We have an individual approach to each client and do our best to understand their specific needs and offer efficient solutions. Keeping tax accounts is one of the main services we offer. We possess deep knowledge in the tax field and have the ability to maintain and manage tax accounts for our clients. With us on your side, you can have confidence and peace of mind that your tax records will be prepared in an orderly and accurate manner.

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